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Another Planet Entertainment

My name's Paigge (with two Gs), I'm an Australian music photographer and I'd love the chance to capture stellar content for Another Planet Entertainment
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📸 Here are 6 reasons why you should hire me to be part of the Outside Land's media team 📸 
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1. I was just on the media team for Governors Ball Festival, so you know I'm familiar with the fast pace of a festival, I can live-edit, and have content ready ASAP
Skepta and friends snapped at Gov Ball
paigge warton - photo.gif
2. Green Day was the first concert I ever went to, so you know I'd get 🔥 shots of Billie Joe Armstrong
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paigge warton 10.gif
3. I will literally do anything to get the shot, including running into the middle of the mosh pit
4. I can 📸  in the rain, hail, Karl the Fog,
or shine 
pictured: me running into the crowd with my gear at Sunflower Bean
what an iconic music video
 yes, those are my cameras wrapped in plastic bags 
5. I <3 the Bay Area and I know this would be reflected in my photos
I lived in SF for a little under a year 🌁
6. my calendar is super open between August 5th and 7th
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my portfolio
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